Minds, Immortal Souls, and The Illusion of Life in the Image.

Plato(c. 427-347 BC) thought that what we really are is our soul, and that this soul will survive after death, indeed death is seen as the release of the soul. Plato is thus asserting that soul and body are distinct substances, bodies die, but souls are immortal.

At 23 Sonja is  numb, vain, materialistic, selfish, vexed by absolute truth, God, trust, and love. She runs for hours late night, imagining a world that will soon drive her kill herself, over and over.  Addicted to the adrenaline, as she runs like a trained soldier in war. A game or a test evolves designed by her, God, or another?

Sonja reads the pregnancy test, positive. The baby inside her is the most powerful force she has ever felt, and she loves at last. The 2 months she carries the baby she takes care of it and herself. Bittersweet is the blessing of such an overwhelming life inside her, leaving her on a blow up mattress in her new Penthouse, too dizzy to stand. As much as she knew how great of a mother she would be, the rejection from the father has the last word. She should have run, ran until a world full of signs, symbols, riddles, and deception killing her slowing, and soon, her child too.

Bittersweet is a girls first true unconditional love of her child, and the man she thinks to be the enemy, she sleeps with, hates, clings to for support, and fears yet tests back, but in the end, it was the man’s right not hers. She was dead and has been for a long time. Her mind was lost. But the soul she possesses, knows a truth with possibilities. After 5 years of living in pure terror, chaos, and confusion as she records the crime she’s determined to solve, like magic,  a sentence chases Sonja. ‘Who are you?’

Is it pain or pleasure we seek? Clueless as to who she was, and what was true from her life filled with imagination, she researches to find a theory. It is understanding, & social and historical justice her research is rooted in. She remembers when her ego died. It was the day she first met her future psychiatrist. Connections of logic in the mind she possess.

In her notes are the moments she claims her ego dies, and when her mind disconnects from her body. Some answers may take eternity to answer, like how many minds can a body house? Does she wrote with no memory stories about children, because that is the mind who is her, her immortal children in spirit? Or has one of so many men Sonja has met seeped in control? Her notes tell her it is her first psychiatrist, O.J., the one she began to see when she entered the world of the invisible, who was the mind. But for how long? Superego, she wonders, must be attached to the mind. With that said, her soul was sold like a slave, and a mind and their superego took over.

Superego is said to be inflated with obsession with itself, the mind. Constructivism theory of many, says that is why she becomes obsessed with past lovers in reality and from her imagination. It is hard to digest such findings, such lack of control over me, whomever that is. I’m just the image.

To end her endless obsession, which is nearing closure, out of all her confusion, it is her children she cares about. No matter who controls her immortal soul, she always feels the children. A coin with one side, confusion, she may be a past doctor, whom both may be her children, or it could be the faces of men who morph through her pinched optic nerve, where she sees another man and once her son.

Abortion is a right, supposedly a woman’s. What happens when the woman is oppressed warrior? Either way, the way Sonja sees it, it’s a right to lose the light; love, and a way to create Sybil out of a lost soul belonging to too many. No good ending, Sonja will never know who she is; a stranger, one of many men, her child, several, or empty.

Since she is immortal, dead, revived over and over, but always dead. She’s just remains, beneath the obsession, in a place she tries to create into a Heaven. Obsession never stops, and a solution is yet to be found.


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Separation of the Mind from the Body-Medical Malpractice & Research Experiments.

Sophia sat under the  green tree in the jungle in a location she was unaware of, some days she
believed it was the Amazon forest. This is where her boyfriend she was too dependent on to leave promised
to scatter remains, if not today, 5 years from now.As she fluctuated, as if she had multiplied, her blond hair turned strawberry blond and her blues faded to green. If a curious poet she met years ago was in fact from Ireland as he claimed, she too, believed
she was today infinity; an Irish celtic knot of confusion.

Sophia jumped as she heard the voice of a man she recognized. She looked up, he was sitting above on
branch in the tree, and he began reading a story. Sophia closed her eyes, just as she floated in space,
her imagined floated to meet the mind of the man from her past.

He started, “my memory slipped away, at least parts, the day I first met you. When you spoke I knew
it was you, but in a blink, you were a cold stranger. Your harrowing accounts of how you had become obsessed with
understanding, finding the truth, and making right what was historically and socially wrong with the
unnatural habituating and dictating Heaven once on Earth. You were getting worse and worse, there
following you every step, and determination to disillusion you, turn you mad and then blame you,
the deemed mentally ill one for all the tests with no correct option they taunted you with. I was afraid
you would see me, I think your heart knew. But they had full control of me, when I tried to reach for
you, my mind disconnected from my body, and his corrupt mind was housed somewhere in a body, in debt
to remain on Earth, for protecting you from them for the era’s I did.”

Tears fall down my eyes as I remember for a split second. He continues, “you’ll make new synaptic connections
and knowing you, as your memory too slips away from truth, you’ll still control the light that beams
shades around the stick of a shadow not yours. Please forgive me, like yours, my mind became chaotic
and logic left. Somehow, I convinced myself it was for the best. I was going to find a solution.”

I understand. I researched who I was today, and my theory proves to be absolute truth. I can’t see,
but I’m certain I wear the Scarlett letter V, they found me so young, I’m not sure what I lived through
and what was my imagination. But it doesn’t matter, to pay for sin of telling stories, and from my heart
to next, I want to warn them of the deception.

I was put here to tell stories, a person no one but you will ever understand. I tell the stories to
find myself, I’m lost in a prism of them. But I speak of truth, stories kept inside don’t serve
God’s purpose for me. I know my message is confusing, but as the end of time is creeping up, I pray
some hear my voice unveiling of all that is falsified. My imagination floated away before I could say goodbye
to Y, and soon I heard Cyrus light years away, yet through my Gemini’s, appearing next to me.

My advice, never chase a mystery. It is not love. It is not hate, but darkness. Obsession is vexing, and
time stops. Even if you feel an ounce of hope you’ll escape, you’ll die again, only to be revived, over and over again.
If you hear me, help me spread the light of truth and virtue. Love exists, and it doesn’t deceive you.
Life is not meant to be a cruel game, don’t be the fool I was, don’t shake the die.

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Black Swan Speaks Out:Abortion Left Deep Scars Across Heart.

Fayola grew up never feeling the safety the love. She spent most of her life in anxiety until she turned
12-13, and one day an average girl who not even boys paid attention to at school, metamorphosed into a swam.
She also developed over night, and everyone noticed. The amount of attention she suddenly
received she had never experienced. Her ego was inflated with not only the formation of a vain
young woman, but never been kissed, now the school’s desire, she confused this notion with love.

She never found love, but she grew colder, and her self-respect was near dissolved, from what ever
existed. She learned not love, no matter how many boys she gave herself to while bleeding inside,
but that she was valued as a sex object. Feelings of empowerment were to control men, even if for
one night. She had no esteem, values of herself, nor was she receiving encouragement.

Years passed and at 23 she got pregnant. She wanted the baby, but was too weak to allow herself
the woman’s right. She listened while dying to her ‘boyfriend’ who threatened to kill himself if
she had the baby. During the time before her abortion date, she curled up in her sofa chair, and
listening to the rain, she drifted away from the ounces left of her, and was enveloped by the fog
in the marine layer.

I share this story with you because I’ve never heard a woman express how she felt after having a
abortion. Fayola died when she lost her baby, and her sense of sanity also was slaughtered. She longed
for the baby she felt so strong inside her, she hated her ‘boyfriend’ for loving her worst then the
boys in highschool. She lost sense of who she was, confused she was now her aborted child. Other times
she felt the baby was stolen from her, she felt she had a child, and the sense grew to feeling she
had several children, without their mother, stolen from her and sold on the black market.

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Empowering All Children to Help Secure Education & Economic Future.

Sonja was only 5 when she a referral was submitted to her kindergarten Special Needs committee, and
and shy, trying to suppress the fighting going on between her parents her home, she was assessed and
her education and future expectations plummeted. The social worker lowered their standards and expectations
from her, thus depriving her of a fair education that empowered her and would help secure her
economic equality in life, health-care, and socioeconomic standards.

Children labeled with a special education should be provided the same high level of education expectations
that her peers receive. All children deserve a bright and secure future including opportunity
to attend college and have skills to be competitive in the job marketplace. By lower
expectations and ceasing to empower Sonja, we have taken away her rights to survive.

I’m proposing to meet with a community facing education under achievement and a high rate of
special education and low-income students to discuss privately funding a private school for those children
and for those who want economic and education equality. I would also like to propose to have
classes in various subjects from math, engineering and design, art and music, to science and law and global education
to allow children to excel and provide opportunity to follow a career path in public school
they may have never received the encouragement to follow challenging dreams.

If you live in a community that is need of a private school with funds raised by grants and
other grassroot resources, please contact me. Jadria@aol.com

I look forward to joining the family of citizens, teachers, leaders, advocates, and political leaders
in community raising their education level of achievement. Education is truly the key to a free

Also at the set first committee in the selected city in need of this aid and
discuss ideas including mission and values.

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